Monday, June 1, 2009

Door County Wake

We waited patiently as a long line of vehicles slowly drove onto the massive ferry in preparation for transport across Death's Door - the watery link between the Door County area and tiny Washington Island where many a ship met with harsh waters and weather before modern navigation devices came along. Once cars had filled the vehicle decks, we joined dozens of passengers on the ferry.

I headed to the top deck with several friends. The sun hid behind a cloud and the temperature dropped as our ferry chugged to life. I gratefully pulled the jacket around me that I had brought along 'just in case.' Throughout the half-hour trip the sun and temperature bounced around as we tried to figure out if occasional spray came from the water or the sky.

We spent several delightful hours at Washington Island Hotel, Restaurant and Cooking School, where proprietor and chef, Leah Caplan, described her commitment to using locally produced dairy, fish and cattle as she served us fresh Door County cherries wrapped in delicate crepes (please note: Caplan is no longer the hotel proprietor). We strolled through the renovated antique hotel and grounds, and then returned to the ferry dock.

Our late-afternoon trip across Death's Door was full of steady temperature and radiant sunlight. As Washington Island faded behind us the water glistened and a sparkling, watery wake followed us all the way back to the mainland.

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