Saturday, March 6, 2010

Slow Food Kansas City Hosts Pork 102

Nearly 50 people gathered on the cozy enclosed porch at Jasper's Restaurant, overlooking Indian Creek, to enjoy a multi-course dinner titled 'Pork 102.' Presented by Slow Food Kansas City and Chef Jasper Mirabile and Chef Kay Johnston Tucker, the event was both educational and delicious.
Throughout our meal, we enjoyed wine pairings provided by Dennis and Cindy Reynolds, of Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery. Much to my amazement, I found myself sitting beside a dear friend who I'd reconnected with only a few weeks earlier, and a young woman who had attended my older daughter's slumber parties during high school.
Our pork feast began with small cups of Jasper's Kitchen Cookbook Tuscan Bean Soup - a tasty and aromatic 'brew' that was served with Somerset Ridge Traminette and adorable Salt and Pepper Crunchy Pig Crackers provided by local purveyor, Meadowlark AcresTuscan Pork Pate with Red Currant Sauce, Copa de Teste with Somerset Ridge Port Reduction, and Chef Kay Tucker's Zampone (head cheese) came next.
Mama Mirabile's Sunday Sauce served with neck bones was one of my favorite dishes. Somerset Ridge Signature Focaccia with Olive Oil, Butter and Traminette accompanied the dish, along with Schiacciata alla'uva - Grape Harvest Focaccia, and glasses of crisp Somerset Ridge Chardonel.

More and more dishes arrived, from Pasta del Giorno served with Somerset Ridge FlyBoy Red wine, to a salad of Wild Greens with Guanciale (pork) Balsamic Reduction, and Tuscan Porchetta. Jasper said that Tuscan Porchetta often is found on sandwich carts in Italy, made with rosemary, fennel, garlic, Chardonel, red pepper, carrots, onions and garlic. The meat fell apart with the slightest touch and sat atop rich, creamy Gorgonzola Potatoes.
My second favorite course was ultra-moist XV Olive Oil and Limoncello Cake, with a side of Caramelized Pancetta Gelato that had a tiny burst of salt and crunch. Piggy Pops (Grand Marnier Glazed Cake Bites Dipped in Chocolate) and Somerset Ridge Tawny Port completed our fantastic meal.

Can't wait for Pork 103!