Sunday, April 22, 2007

Higher Learning

Yesterday afternoon, blustering wind and icy rain buffeted our umbrellas and soaked our shoes as we navigated the unfamiliar campus to meet a university counselor. We’d unpacked every coat, sock and scarf in the car trunk to guard against nature’s onslaught.

This morning, fog lifts along the highway. A collection of buildings with rust-colored tile roofs and natural stone walls characterizes the Spanish-style village before us. Fall foliage bursts into riotous color against a backdrop of impossibly blue skies and rugged mountain peaks.

The University of ColoradoBoulder is a stunningly gorgeous place where quality education meets ‘Rocky Mountain High.’ Only 15 minutes from campus, an easy hike ends at a breathtaking precipice and bird’s eye view of snow-capped peaks. Further up the mountain pass, rushing falls plummet several stories to a deep, chilly stream.

When higher learning in the classroom becomes a grind, UC-Boulder students seek respite and renewal in the mountain terrain that defines their natural environment.