Friday, May 1, 2009

Pie Heaven in Fredericksburg

On National Pie Day, each January - and on other special occasions - visitors to Fredericksburg Pie Company may enjoy a sample plate of their favorite made-from-scratch pies while sitting in the tiny dining area up front. It's a tough choice with up to 20 different pies on-hand.

During our visit to the shop owner, Charlotte Freeborn, served five varieties in small cups. There was just enough to get a good taste of each offering. Sweet-tart orange bourbon pecan pie and silky ancho chocolate with whipped cream and a bit of heat were my favorites. We also tried creamy buttermilk pie, key lime coconut atop a dark chocolate crust and tangy key lime pie.

Freeborn and her son begin baking at 6:30 a.m. each day. On Saturdays they close when the last pie is gone. The Freeborns take great pride in their traditional pie crust, which takes two days and includes both butter and shortening to assure great flavor and flakiness. They also make all of their fillings from scratch. And folks who are watching their sugar need not worry; the pair makes apple, blueberry, cherry and peach pies without any of that sweet stuff.

Leave some time to browse after you've indulged your sweet tooth because there's more to Fredericksburg Pie Company than pie. The Freeborns sell finished quilts and all of the tools necessary for this craft, vintage crocks, glassware, furniture, linens and pictures, and a selection of cooking and other books. You'll also want to hurry back for another slice.

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