Monday, November 16, 2009

WaterFire Kansas City

We heard the soaring, haunting music two blocks before we reached Brush Creek, at Kansas City, Missouri's Country Club Plaza. Thousands of people already stood and sat beside the quiet, dark creek, hoods pulled up against occasional spitting rain. As rain dissipated, small boats traveled along the creek and passengers lit individual braziers anchored by buoys. 

This was the beginning of the third annual WaterFire Kansas City celebration. The scent of burning embers mixed with the food aromas from top Plaza restaurants while dancing firelight and performers created delightful visual images.

Truly a feast for the senses, 55 floating bonfires eventually illuminate Brush Creek each year while sidewalk performers, fire dancers, and international music enhance the hauntingly beautiful, one-night-per-year experience.  Boats return periodically, to re-stoke the fires, maintaining the ethereal glow throughout this magical evening. WaterFire Kansas City has become a popular fall tradition since artist, Barnaby Evans, replicated his Providence, Rhode Island installation here for the first time, in 2007.
Whoever said that fire and water don't mix has never attended this magical event. If you're not close to Kansas City, check out WaterFire Providence. These beautiful images will haunt your memory long after the event ends.

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