Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Hour at Buffalo Thunder Resort

After a long day in which our tour group traveled a handful of different directions, we met at the new *Buffalo Thunder Resort on Pojoaqua Pueblo land outside of Santa Fe for our farewell happy hour and dinner. We arrived on a covered adobe porch where servers offered sangria, wine, and mixed drinks, giant shrimp and bruschetta. Despite the fact that it was late October, early evening began with almost balmy temperatures.

As our now-familiar crowd arrived at staggered intervals, storm clouds thickened and the sky darkened. Only a hint of sunset pierced the gray expanse. The dull roar of thunder accompanied sheets of rain that traveled across the distant sky.

Suddenly, a wave of wind blew across the porch fiercely, carrying the first chilly raindrops of evening. We retrived toppled wine glasses and fallen plates, held down skirt hems, and tried to steady our tables until staff members shooed us inside. A huge wind gust banged the outside door against the inside wall as everyone streamed into the lobby, followed quickly by the rolling bar. Safe inside, we watched, mesmerized, as the storm rolled along before us.

It somehow seemed fitting, given the name of the resort, and a memorable end note to our fabulous week-long adventure.

*Buffalo Thunder Resort is a cooperative venture with Hilton Hotels

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