Thursday, January 22, 2009

Santa Fe Diner Food

Equal parts American diner, local hangout, visitors' favorite and culinary melting pot, Santa Fe's Plaza Cafe has operated continuously for 80+ years. We walked through the door and stepped back in time, as we viewed a wall covering of broken plates, red upholstered booths, a chalkboard 'specials' menu and a tin ceiling.

Dionysi Trazatos and Beneranda Saiz married and merged their Greek and Mexican culinary heritages with traditional New Mexican dishes and diner fare, when they purchased the restaurant. Today, son Andy still serves homemade Greek, Mexican, New Mexican and American cuisine.

One morning we chowed down on the Greek Canape - an English muffin with spinach, onion, tomato, a poached egg and feta hollandaise sauce, decadent; vanilla and cinnamon-flavored French toast made from challah bread encrusted with sweet cereal; and Enchiladas Divorciados, a corn tortilla stuffed with screambled eggs, avocado and cactus, and served atop spicy tomatillo and smoky Chipotle salsas.

We also tried Papas Fritas, a spicy deep fried potato topped with egg whites, homemade red chile sauce and cream and an awesome N.M. Chile Relleno - a Monterey Jack-stuffed New Mexico green chile cooked in egg batter and then topped with more green chile and cheese. The only problem with our breakfast feast was that, because we wouldn't return to our hotel anytime soon, we couldn't take 'doggie bags' with us. And we'd have to save a taste of Plaza Cafe's remaining menu for another day.

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