Friday, December 5, 2008

Clean Fish Catches On

The Texas redfish arrived alongside Mexican shrimp, in a cooler full of dry ice. Pale pink, 3/4 inches thick, and glossy, it set my mouth watering. After a brief stint under the broiler the fish was moist and flaky, without a hint of 'fishy-ness.'

This fish is part of a rather unusual story. It came from a company called CleanFish Alliance, a group of artisan fish and shellfish producers from across the globe, who focus on farming and/or catching their product using environmentally sound methods, as well as offering a better-tasting products. The big goals? Improve the health of our oceans and regenerate ecosystems while creating a sustainable source of fresh seafood.
Food & Wine Magazine has given the company an Eco-Ocean Award for its efforts to make seafood sustainable, alongside the Ocean Conservancy, Oceana and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund. A leading group of socially responsible entrepreneurs, investors and nonprofit leaders also gave the organization its 2008 Social Venture Network Award.
And to think their products taste good too.

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