Monday, November 24, 2008

Morning at El Monte Sagrado

I tell my husband and grown daughters I am staying at the 'rock star of resorts' during the two nights I spend at El Monte Sagrado, in Taos. Vibrantly colored bathroom tiles, salmon-painted adobe walls, hand-carved wooden headboards and indigenous folk art characterize my Mexican-inspired suite, while several other suites pay homage to the Orient, the American west and the Kama Sutra.

But there's more to El Monte Sagrado than luxurious rooms. Nature and nurture intertwine here, from the lush spa and indoor aquacenter to elegant dining, sculpted fountains, and meticulously maintained grounds. Turquoise doors mirror the early morning sky that surrounds majestic Taos Mountain, as fall temperatures paint the foliage crimson and butter yellow. And as the sun's rays grow in intensity, they cast an ethereal glow on even the simplest furnishings.

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