Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coffee Tasting in Door County

At Door County Coffee & Tea Co., coffee tasting is a diversion enhanced by a custom 'placemat' complete with mock coffee stains to mark cup placement. During our visit we tried four brews, from mellow Breakfast Blend to robust espresso - accompanied by homemade biscotti. What a great way to start the day!

Vivacious owner, Vickie Wilson, opened the company 15 years ago. Today, Door County Coffee & Tea Co. receives 14 palates of green coffee beans from around the world, every two weeks and then Wilson and her employees roast approximately 2,000 pounds of beans each day. Half of the coffee they sell is flavored; in fact, the company offers more than 80 flavors that range from Cafe Mexicano to Cherry Cream.

But there's more to Door County Coffee & Tea Co. than coffee (and tea). Sample their mouthwatering pastries, delicious soup, or a hefty sandwich, and browse through the gift shop full of locally produced sweets and savories, gardening paraphernalia and cocktail napkins. Then buy some freshly ground coffee as a stimulating souvenir of a pleasant visit.

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