Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunching at Mii amo

We sat down for lunch in the dining room of Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort, in the heart of Sedona's Boynton Canyon, and looked out on the stunning red rock canyon as kitchen staff prepared meals in the open, stainless steel kitchen. We ordered from a seasonal menu and Nicholas enjoyed hot tea with a bit of local agave nectar as we waited for our meal.

Our server brought a Bento box for Nicholas, as well as ultra-fresh gazpacho served in a margarita glass, with a dollop of guacamole and crunchy tortilla strips; Salad Nicoise that featured large potato slices with the skin on, purple-red onion slices and a whole, sliced, hard-boiled egg; and a duck breast pizza on flatbread, with caramelized onions and red peppers. We also tried several desserts - a chocolate bread pudding served with fresh berries; a margarita glass full of fresh fruit and peach cobbler served in a ramequin - also with berries as garnish.

We relaxed amidst the serene setting and quiet conversations. A sudden, but brief, torrential rain came down in sheets outside the massive windows and then ended as quickly as it began, leaving the magnificent canyon refreshed.

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