Monday, September 15, 2008

Making Margaritas at Aldaco's

My travels increasingly include food and beverage classes or lessons and such was the case at Aldaco's Mexican Cuisine, in San Antonio. Margaritas are this restaurant's signature beverage, for which it has already received several awards. And owner, Blanca Aldaco, revels in teaching guests how to create perfect ones.

Before our evening meal, Aldaco gave hands-on instructions to each of half a dozen people about making classic and specialty margaritas. I especially enjoyed shaking the concoction the prescribed 20 times to make sure all ingredients thoroughly merged, although the result was a bit strong for my taste.

Not so with Aldaco's avocado margarita, a fabulous frozen version that pairs the creamy texture of avocado with premium tequila and Triple Sec, tangy, fresh lime juice, and a spicy, chili-lime rim of salt. Soon after sharing one enormous glass with six straws, we asked for separate glasses so we could sip easily while enjoying our food. And I definitely would have ordered another avocado margarita if I wasn't so full.

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