Friday, September 12, 2008

Fish Feast in 'the Door'

In Door County, Wisconsin, the whitefish has achieved nearly a cult status as the centerpiece of this area's 'fish boils;' and fish boils themselves have become centerpieces of many summer tourist experiences here. Scandinavian settlers began the tradition more than 100 years ago.

At Wagon Trail Resort, Restaurant and Conference Center, several dozen members of a family reunion party watched as a young man, wearing thick gloves and a long black apron, stoked the smoldering fire beneath an enormous cast iron cauldron. A hefty dose of kerosene turned the tame flame into a raging inferno, before staff quickly extinguished it and then served dinner.

Behind the White Gull Inn, dozens of would-be diners watched a similar scene in the early evening, where roaring flames cast ghostly shadows across the small courtyard. Within minutes after the fire died down, kitchen staff began preparing plates full of boiled fish and potatoes, and placed fresh bread and coleslaw on long tables. As they cleared our plates, fresh cherry pie arrived, capping off a memorable feast.

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