Friday, July 11, 2008

Denver's Glorious Gardens

When we visited the Denver area, last fall, we spent a morning at Denver Botanic Gardens, which is ranked among the nation's top botanical gardens. If you enjoy traveling to many different places in a short period of time, and love the outdoors, this place will satisfy both cravings. During a single visit you can explore individual gardens inspired by the breathtaking beauty of a Monet painting, high desert vegetation, and Japanese tranquility amidst Ponderosa pines.

If you have children with you, they will love the Children's Secret Path with its Musical Playscape, Soil Station and Story Time features. Gardeners also may enjoy the profusion of blossoms in the Rose Garden, enormous variety of culinary and medicinal plants in the Herb Garden, or artistic grace of the Romantic Garden.

And that's only the beginning. Special exhibits as diverse as hauntingly beautiful stone sculptures crafted by Shona artists from Zimbabwe, in the Chapungu Sculpture Exhibit, and wall-spanning portraits of individual insects created by Project InSECT, provide added excitement.

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